Foot Facts... Did You Know?

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  • The average person walks approximately 8,000 steps in a day. This equals approximately 4 times around the world in a lifetime.
  • 80% of women who wear heels will experience foot problems.
  • Spicy food can cause stinky feet.
  • Drinking lots of water can help smelly feet.
  • Wool socks keep your feet warmer than nylons and cotton socks.
  • Socks that are too big cause blisters.
  • Some people are born with flat feet but the majority of flat feet are developed.
  • High arches are just as problematic as flat feet.
  • The foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles (this is 1/4 of the bones in the body).
  • There are more web sites on the Internet having to do with foot fetishes than with foot health.
  • Most people have one foot that is longer than the other.
  • There are 250,000 sweat glands in one pair of feet. These glands excrete up to half a pint of moisture in a day.
  • Women have 4 times as many foot problems as men.
  • Athlete’s foot affects 12% of the population.
  • Michelangelo called the foot a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.
    The most common age to get an ingrown toe nail is between 12 and18 years of age.
  • If left untreated, an infected ingrown toenail can result in systemic infection and possible infection.
  • Warts are often misdiagnosed as corns or callus.
  • Every wart has its own blood supply.
  • Warts most commonly occur on the hands and feet.
  • Children, teens, and people with allergies or a weakened immune system are more likely to have warts.



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