Chiropody Services in our clinic include:

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  Foot Pain Assessment
A complete foot assessment and medical history can identify the origin of foot pain. Skin and nail problems may require treatment; chronic structural problems may require orthotics, insoles, footwear advice or modifications.

General Skin & Nail Care
Calluses, corns and problem nails can be treated and prevented from returning. Skin conditions and ingrown toe nails are removed. Skin and nail infections such as athlete’s foot, warts and wounds can be successfully remedied.

Foot Care and Education for Diabetic, Arthritic & Circulatory Conditions
Regular foot health care and education are particularly important for people with increased risks of foot problems including those with diabetes, arthritis, nerve and circulation problems.

Soft Tissue Surgery
Surgery may be required as a permanent solution to skin and nail problems. All soft tissue surgeries are done in office under local anesthesia and under sterile conditions.

Children’s Foot Care
Children’s feet require special care, since their feet are rapidly changing, growing, and developing. Foot care treatment and orthotics tailored specially to the growing bones, joints, and muscles of your children’s feet are provided. Assessment and guidelines on children’s footwear provide a solid foundation for life.

Orthotics & Structural Problems
Custom orthotics are recognized today as a highly effective treatment option to relieve foot, heel, ankle, and knee pain and to correct structural foot problems. A biomechanical assessment and gait analysis are performed to determine how the feet function and what needs to be corrected. The corrective orthotics can be modified on site, in our lab to fit into any size shoe. Sandals with custom-made orthotics are also available.
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