What Are Orthotics?
Orthotics are custom-made corrective shoe inserts for your feet. Orthotics improve foot movement by controlling the way your feet move. They also help align the rest of your body and correct hip, knee and back positions caused by improper foot movements.

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Orthotics protect feet from wear and tear that occurs with over use or constant use in an incorrect position. Orthotics can be used instead of foot surgery or as a post surgery device to prevent reoccurrence of problems. There are two reasons for wearing orthotics:

  • To control and correct foot movements during walking.
  • To palliate and cushion the foot during walking.

Custom Orthotics
Custom orthotics are recognized today as a highly effective treatment option to relieve foot, heel, ankle, and knee pain and to correct structural foot problems. True prescription custom orthotics are precision medical devices that rely on the experience and expertise of the practitioner who will accommodate and correct for a wide range of foot types and problems. This is even truer in the case of children, since their feet are rapidly changing, growing, and developing, requiring specialized knowledge on the part of the practitioner.

Our Kids Feet Chiropodists are highly skilled and experienced in a complete range of children’s foot health therapies, including custom orthotics. 

Out Growth Program
We know how quickly children under the age of 16 outgrow everything, so we have an outgrowth program for orthotics. Your child will be monitored carefully with regular follow up appointments to check the orthotics that are functioning optimally for the present condition. Children’s needs from their orthotics change over time and this will also be assessed. There is a reduced rate for outgrowth orthotics while the child is under the age of 16.

How Do Orthotics Work?
An orthotic device works by controlling the way the foot works. At heel strike, the heel is controlled and placed in a position that will cause your foot to absorb force correctly. During midstance the orthotic aligns the ankle and foot to maintain the arch of your foot, preventing flattening from occurring and distributing pressures evenly as the foot moves into toe off.
By controlling foot movements, the strain on muscles, ligaments, bones, and joints is decreased. This lessens and eliminates pain in the foot and decreases transferred pain related in the knees, hip and back.

Orthotics can help with:
Heel pain, arch pain, calluses, corns, flat feet, high arches, toe problems/ cramps, knee, hip and lower back pain.


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