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Thank you for choosing our foot clinic website for your foot care requirements. Our team of professional Chiropodists are ready to serve you. This web site is designed to help you get to know our clinic better. If you have any questions just ask us.

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Our Clinic provides foot care treatment and prevention for your whole family. When you come to our clinic you are seeing highly qualified professionals that will assess and provide a treatment plan for your specific needs.
We treat all kinds of feet:

Kids feet - early examination is important to prevent problems.
Mature feet - removal of lumps and bumps.
In-between feet - protection and cushion for the feet.
Diabetic feet - special footcare and education are required.
Athletic feet - treatment and prevention of lower limb injuries.
Orthotic feet - custom made insoles to correct the feet walking.
Problem Skin feet - treatment of corns, callus, warts and wounds.
Problem Nail feet - treatment of thick, fungal and ingrown nails.

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